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Edward Reekers

Born May 25th, 1957 in Hengelo (O). Father was a railroadman, alderman, mayor, mother was a housewife. One older brother, Martin.

Already at a young age I showed an interest in music. My first instrument was a mouth harp and I have been singing since I was three. At age ten my brother gave me his old guitar. I tought myself how to play – I am lefthanded but I play on a normal guitar, upside down ! – and I wrote my first song “Flower girl”. In the meantime I took up piano lessons. Unfortunately my attention tended to drift towards the things I made myself and not so much towards my lessons...

My primary school days are not a very fond memory. I was badgered a lot and I only had one friend. He was badgered too so we were more or less convicted to eachother. Also the first years of highschool (De Grundel) was no great pleasure.

Then, halfway through the second year of high school, we moved to Berkel en Rodenrijs because my father had become  mayor there. I ended up at the Laurenscollege in Rotterdam. I hit the jackpot because my first week was a fieldtrip. An ideal opportunity to get to know my new class mates. The coolest guy in the class played the guitar in the schoolband. I was lucky enough to be able to play one chord he didn’t now yet. Before I knew it I too was part of that schoolband and over the years I was lined up as a guitarplayer, a keyboarder, a drummer but mostly : a singer ! Man, I was so proud ! Me, a little bumpkin from Twente in a real band in the roaring city ! We had named our band “ Suzy Cream Cheese” after a Frank Zappa song.
We develloped from a simple schoolband that would perform on school venues and carnaval celebrations to a fairly decent popband that started to perform outside the school and our repertoire, even then, contained song by Yes and such bands.

A number of years and line up changes later I had my diploma, I took up a study at teachers training college ZWN in Delft (Dutch and English) and the band was renamed “Tacit”. By coincidence Tom Manders jr. (yes, son of “Dorus”) heard us play and arranged for us to make a record, Mademoiselle Michelle. I’m still very much embarresed when I think of that song. But then, don’t we all have our juvenile sins...?

When the English departement at ZWN started to schedule tests at times when they knew we had Dutch classes to attend and after spending a week on Dutch grammar – really, five days in a row from nine to five – I decided to give up my career as a teacher. At least as far as ZWN was concerned. I decided to do correpondance course in English with the LOI.

In the meantime I had joined up with two English guys to work on some songs. The demo’s we recorded – with the help of Ton op ‘t Hof who was worldfamous in Holland at the time with his band Limousine – I sent to Kayak, due to my persistent friend at that time, Wouter. Just to stop him from bugging me, to be honest, I sent those demo’s. I couldn’t imagine a band like that – I had been a fan for years and watched them perform many a time – could be waiting for someone like me.
And then Ton Scherpenzeel suddenly called. He asked me to come and audition in Hilversum in, what was known at the time as the Frans Peters Studio, where he was working on his solo album “Carnaval des Animaux”.
After that we playd with the whole band in “De Drie Kolommen” in Aalsmeer, where the band had its rehearsal room.
“Which song did you prepare ?”
“Ehm...it doesn’t matter, just play something, I’ll join in”, I replied, as I knew all the Kayak songs by heart.
The rest, as they say, is history.
I already described on the Kayak website what the recordings of “Phantom of the night” were like.

When succes for Kayak faded a little and the love between the band members subsided I did a couple of solo attempts. A few singles with minor succes in Germany and France.
After that I was a “houseman” for a couple of years. My wife Karin worked as the assistant of a house doctor and I did the washing, the groceries and the cooking.

Through Jody Pijper and Pim Roos I got into the the backing vocal scene. I was there several years when Lee Towers did his Ahoy shows. I sang a lot of backing vocals, commercials and especially jingles. At a certain point we even flew to Dallas, USA to sing the jingles for Sky Radio together with some american singers.
And I was a member of the band of singer Nadieh, with whom I travelled to Japan for an open air show.

After a lot whining on my part, director Meindert de Goede agreed to let me audition for a cartoon series he was going to dub : The Bobobops.
And I got to do two main characters ! My love for dubbing had been born.  Having dubbed a lot of series and films I was asked to have a go at directing. After a slight hesitation I agreed and I liked it tremendously. It was my privilege to be able to do a great numbers of productions of which the directing of the Dutch version of the Harry Potter films will probably strike the imagination most.

And then I haven’t mentioned the Ayreon projects with Arjen Lucassen, The Commandments with Tom Parker, the intro song of The Lion King II, the leadvocals for Tarzan II....

One day I was sitting at the dining table with Karin as the phone rang. It was Bert Heerinks manager. He had to do a Kayak concert in the Merlin tour but he was also required to do a preliminary show for the Dutch Songcontest. Would I be able to stand in for him ? And without thinking about it I said : “Well, if I can help him out then I guess I’d better do that “. So suddenly I found myself surrounded by Kayakees again. A little awkward on one side but very familiar at the other. And for the first time with Pim. I had gotten to know him quite well but we were never in a band together before. After filling in for Bert I replaced Rob Vunderink once and I was a guest when the band recorded their DVD in Carré.
Soon after that Ton called me and asked me to play a part in “Nostradamus”. That appealed to me. Yves de Lessines, a monk, who, for theatrical reasons, I decided had to have white hair and beard. Cindy always did the hair for me, the beard I whitened myself. It was a wonderful rock opera that I worked on with a great deal of pleasure. And then followed Kayacoustic and the 35th Anniversary Tour with the album “Coming up for air”. I was definitely back as a singer with Kayak.

And then there was Motel Westcoast, ofcourse.
During the performances of Nostradamus I was asked by Syb van der Ploeg if I wanted to join him in a westcoast music project. I didn’t think twice and said : “Yes, please !”
During the rehearsals our bunch grew into a tight band and bond and it was really a feast to be touring with Motel Westcoast.

And now there is “Child of the water”, my third solo album.